Dear Daily Mail. Sincerely, Amanda Palmer

Totally natural and totally funny.  Caution: you may/may not want kids in the room for this one.


Corso Como – Survey Says…

shoesOk, I’m talking to you ladies out there (and perhaps a few, select gentlemen) – how hard is it to find a great heal?  Amiright?  To be more specific, how hard is it to find a heal that looks great, goes with most items in your wardrobe AND doesn’t leave your feet feeling ripped apart by the end of the day?  *Patting myself on the back*  I’ve done it!

Corso Como is perhaps my new favorite brand.  These shoes withstood a day of back and forth; with no nylons and without too much rub on their first day: not a single blister!

I can’t take all the credit though.  I visited’s Guide to Comfortable Heals and found a plethora of information/recommendations for different shoes at different price ranges. If you’re on your way out to purchase something new for work – give their site a visit and get some insight on what works for most folks at which price points.