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Diastasis Recti – do you have it?

diastasisOk – so, I was warned about diastasis recti at one point post-pregnancy (from my doc I think) but I never really understood how to check or what it meant for my post-baby body.  Fortunately, I found this site that was pretty clear about determining whether you have Diastasis Recti and how do address it if you do…


Stressed? Read a Book!

booksAccording to a study conducted by the University of Sussex, reading a book can decrease your stress levels by 68%.  Quickly followed by listening to music (61%), tea or coffee (54%), taking a walk (42%) and playing video games (21%).

knew there was a reason I enjoyed reading so much and now it’s all clear :p

You can read the whole article from

The Differences in Size 8

OK!  So, I’ve been ranting about this since I hit puberty and couldn’t EVER find anything in the same size… ever!  Then, I settled into my “adult” size and STILL had the same issues… a size # in one store was ALWAYS different than the same size at a different store!  THERE IS PROOF!  (see graphic below)