Pom Pom Numbers

pompom numbers

The other day I found a pin on pinterest that had me creating 80 little pom pom magnets… and it got me thinking about using pom poms in different learning situations.  Yesterday, I tried something new:

I wrote numbers on clothes pins and grabbed the two containers from the manacotti noodles I had cooked the night before. Then, I put different numbers of pom poms in each row and had Munchkin match the number of pom poms to the number on the clothes pin.  She LOVED it!

Not only did she love that she could play with the clothes pins, it was really fun for us to count each row and find the correct pin that went with it.  Also, by placing the clothes pins she was working on her hand-eye coordination… So it was like two birds with one stone as far as her learning goes 🙂 


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