To Freeze or Not To Freeze…

… that is the question.  Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous cost.  Or, to take arms against a twist in flavor for which the freezing brings, and by opposing, eat fresh. Pay more, shop more, taste better.

That would be my hommage to my attempt at saving money by freezing some dairy goods.  Let me tell you – how that was not a tasty experience!  (Ok – I’m a milk SNOB) but, I like my milk to taste good… and my previously frozen milk, defrosted and added to my rice crispies this morning… well, it made me sad.

groceriesBackstory:  I was attempting to save money by shopping twice a month – inclusive of freezing foods that I would normally purchase each week (milk, creamer, breads, eggs).

Truth: You can get away with buying many many things and freezing a ton BUT I do NOT recommend freezing your milk unless you like/don’t mind that it’s flavor will change.  YUCK!  

I’ll be coming up with a post later this week that will have a run down of “good/bad after freezing” foods so you all are aware of what we, here at the CHG home, have experienced.  That way if you ever question “Would it be ok if I froze that and ate it next week?” you will know! 😀


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