February Holidays and Related Crafts

I would like to share with you one of my secrets for monthly craft activities… KinderArt.com

kinderartlogoI look up each month and base our craft activities on what’s going on that month.  It’s a way to start  the munchkin learning about the world, history, holidays and crafts – all in one fell swoop.

Their blurb states: “KinderArt.com is an award-winning art education website for parents, teachers and children of all ages. KinderArt® features free art lesson plans that teachers and parents can use in their home or school classroom. Our content is not only useful and interactive, it’s simple to access.”

A couple of February Crafts I’ll be focusing on are:

  • Feb 2: Groundhog day
  • Feb 5: Weather Forecasters Day (seems more relevant due to recent events!)
  • Feb 9: Toothache Day
  • Feb 11: Inventer’s Day
  • Feb 14: Valentine’s Day ❤
  • Feb 21: President’s Day
  • Feb 27: Polar Bear Day

It’s also Black History Month and Dental Hygiene Month.


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