Slow-Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

slowcooker-chicken_300Ok – I’m on a cooking binge atm BUT I’ve found some awesome foods that I just had to share!

My hubs and I were introduced to Indian food back when we were dating and both of us were a little skittish since neither had tried Indian food though we had heard horror stories!

However, we strengthened our resolve and gave it a try… and MAN! am I glad we did!  It’s super tasty!  Since then we’ve brought all our family and friends to “our” restaurant pretty consistently until we had the kiddo.  Sadly, it’s a half hour away … and if we’re craving Indian on a weekday it puts us in a pretty bad part of town, at night (after dealing with rush hour) and we’re too lazy to deal with the hassle anymore :p

So one day, craving Indian, I googled Tikka Marsala just to see and LOW AND BEHOLD I found an recipe AND it was a crockpot gem!  It’s a rare thing when a crockpot meal gets the star of approval and a “make again” status in this household – but this one was packed full of flavor and (a serious bonus for my lazy butt) freezes WONDERFULLY!

Just cook up some basmati rice and naan and you’re set with the full shebang!


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