So… as you can see I haven’t posted the last couple of days… guess who got the flu?  <<THIS GIRL!!>>

As a result, when I was able to get off my butt to try something new – it failed.  Epic Fail.  And I was trying a LOT of new things… I tried a new garlic pasta recipe… no good.  Tried making brownies… BOX BROWNIES!  They ended up looking seriously funny (though my hubby says they taste fine.) I tried making homemade ice cream and as a result of my daughters lack of long-term interest and my lack of enthusiasm for standing sick in my kitchen, shaking a wet bag full of ice and cream, while my daughter went galavanting through the house left me shoving it in the freezer to see if it’ll become ice cream magically… we’ll see later…

But, I’m happy to say that after some TLC from the hubs and rest I’m feeling much better today and I’m hoping to catch up over the week with posts (IOU).  So!  Without further ado…


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