Cleaning Down Comforters

down comforter

Who doesn’t love a fluffy, warm down comforter on a chilly winter night/morning?  But seriously, have you tried washing one of these bad boys?  No easy task!

Have I mentioned we have an almost 3 year old who’s potty training?  Did I forget to mention she loves to snuggle early in the morning?  Who sees the logical transition to me getting up at 6:30am this morning soaking wet with a wet down comforter sticking to us?

My fluffy white cloud of warm heaven was WET WET WET this morning 😦  Fortunately, it was a day I could drop the kiddo off with the in-laws and bring our comforter to the Laundromat 🙂

Yep – that’s what I said… the Laundromat.  According to my google research and ehow that’s where you should take your down comforter if you want to clean it instead of chopping off an arm and leg dry cleaning.  And, though I recall really cheep laundromats from college the one I found in town today was … not so cheap 😦  $4.50 for a single wash and $0.25/4 min in the big driers.  In total it was about $10 inclusive of soap.

On a positive note, I received some free advice from the lady working there 😀

  • Toss a shoe tied in a sock or tennis balls tied in socks to help fluff the comforter while drying.
  • Remove the comforter about every 10 min. to hand fluff, making sure to get all the down fluffed out of the corners of each square.
  • If you bring it home even a little wet, make sure to fluff out each square until completely dry (letting it sit wet is what creates a mold situation… eww)

The one thing recommended by both the web and the laundromat lady: DON’T DO IT AT HOME!  Soaking wet, the down comforter may look like it’ll fit in your typical drier… but the size of the drier is not big enough to handle the comforter at it’s fully fluffed capacity and attempting to do so will most likely burn out your condenser coil due to over heating 😦


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