Baking Therapy

Have I mentioned my love of baking yet?  No?  Well, one of my serious habits/hobbies is cake baking.  And now-a-days that extends out to cake pops and other assorted baked goods.  I actually used to have a site dedicated to it.

But, since there are only 3 of us in the household, I’ve determined that making an entire 9″ round is a little overkill.  (Actually, it’s a LOT of overkill considering I DO watch my waistline) So!  In order to combat the “it’s just sitting there and will go to waste if I don’t eat it” monster AND the “I want to decorate a cake but I’m too lazy/don’t have enough time to make one” monster I have begun baking smaller cakes and using the overage to make cupcakes and then I freeze what I don’t use.

This is great on three fronts: 1) If I’m making/decorating a cake I can unfreeze a cupcake or two for my daughter to decorate alongside me (yeah bonding!) 2) If I want a quick project for decorating I can just pull out a cake and jump to it and 3) If I want to make cake pops I can just use some of the frozen cake/cupcakes and I avoid a step.  Oh!  And then all the cake gets eaten without that WAY TOO MUCH feeling.  Great huh?

That said – I’ll be adding cakes and different recipes under the “Food” section so be prepared!


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