Breakfast Burritos (CHG Style)

I’ve been itching to add something new to our arsenal of morning foods, as the list is pretty small and blueberry muffins almost every weekend was beginning to get old… While brainstorming I remembered this one sleepover I was at (way back when) where my friend’s mom made breakfast burritos and they were pretty tasty 😀

So, with some CHG flair I twisted them towards my hubby’s preference of MEAT and created a specialized breakfast burrito:

breakfast burrito

  • Homemade tortillas
  • sausage patties – cut up small (I didn’t want to cook a whole tube of Jimmy Dean)
  • scrammbled eggs
  • cheese


Ours were pretty basic since it was the first time but next time I’ll be adding some flare for sure… here are some other variations I plan of trying out:

  • leftover steak/potatoes
  • sauteed onions and green peppers
  • ground beef and salsa?

Any other suggestions?  Feel free to email me and I’ll add ’em!


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