T-shirt Quilt Craft


Did I mention that I’m a GIANT clutterbug?  Years of moving and having to get rid of things because we needed to meet the weight limit left me with a compulsion to hold on to EVERYTHING just in case…

So when my husband was going to donate his old college t-shirts I grabbed them and put them in a really tall pile for “pj shirts”.  I haven’t touched them since.  I didn’t want them to disappear because they remind me of when we met in college and they are fun and quirky… good memories I didn’t want to toss – even though they are just t-shirts and they have served their purpose.

So, husband willing, I’m going to turn them into a fun and quirky t-shirt quilt for his office/media room (we keep bringing blinkets from other rooms in there… why not let it have it’s own right?)

I found a tutorial here – If I do end up making one, I’ll post an update!


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