Christmas Cool Stuff: Coach Madison Dotted Op Art Outline Tote

Ok… so, it’s few and far between that I find something that is expensive, a name brand, and something I would recommend buying… BUT it does happen once in a while and this is just my little drool for today…

I was out helping my best friend finish her Christmas shopping… and as we passed by the purses something caught my eye… The Coach Madison Dotted Op Art Outline Tote

It was SOOOOOOO pretty!  Elegant yet casual… calling my name… I HAD to see it up close and I was NOT disappointed (until I saw the sticker price).  I loved the color inside and out!  Of course if there is one thing that’s a deterrent from me purchasing a highly expensive tote (aside from my pocketbook feeling the hurt) it’s that I’m rough of most purses.  Generally they get the frayed handles and scuffs from being picked up and put down on multiple surfaces.  But – in speaking with my friend (who is also a great lover of Coach and owns several of their purses) Coach is actually a pretty durable handbag!  She’s been using the same one for the last year and a half and has only seen one small scuff.  The handles are solid and without stress marks!

So! I have committed to (hopefully) post-baby & diaper-carrying phase of my life – purchase and love this tote.




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