Potty Training In One Day

Our daughter is almost 3 and it was DEFINITELY  time for her to use the “big kid” potty.  Fortunately, I stumbled upon themoesfamilyintexas.blogspot.com and read her tutorial on how to potty train your kid in one day…

It gave me the courage to bite the bullet and go diaper free with the munchkin.  We set a date and started just like it recommended.  Things for us were a little easier since my daughter already understood the concept of where the pee and poo is SUPPOSED to go – we had done a diaper free couple of days a month or two earlier… but the candy idea was WONDERFUL!

Our daughter got by on suckers and M&Ms for each potty success and by day 3 we had NO ACCIDENTS during the day.  Our nights have been touch and go… (partly my fault I’m sure … I’ve neglected to pull her juice well in advance of bedtime.)  We’ve been out of the house with no accidents (though we haven’t gone potty outside of the house – she’s TERRIFIED of the self-flushing toilets at Costco.)

So – though I’m a little more on guard when out and I have a spare change of clothes in the backpack – we have had potty training success with, what feels like, very little effort!


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