Crockpot Mashed Potatoes

So, I was meandering the internet and stumbled across this recipe for Crockpot Mashed Potatoes… And, since it was before Thanksgiving and mashed potatoes was one of “my duties” this year (did I mention that I’m terrified of making mashed potatoes?) I decided to try this particular recipe.

The first time I tried making them (pre-view to Thanksgiving) they turned out a little glue-y but pretty tasty and I was given the “thumbs up to try again” from the hubs (which is rare for crockpot foods).

This Thanksgiving we made them and they were more glue-y but still seriously tasty.  My mom commented “just use less water when cooking them”.  My mother-in-law commented “just use a potato masher and they’ll turn out perfect”.  I say… let there be baked potatoes till next Thanksgiving!

Needless to say they were tasty and I’m sure that with a little less user-error they would be perfect… so!  Here’s where the recipe is located… have at it! –>


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