Homeprint Assessment – Do It!

So this morning I sat down to pay my bills and, in doing so, was greeted by the little fliers that get tucked into your billing envelopes.  I know, I haven’t switched to e-billing… I, personally, need the physical reminder of “bill due” AND I LOVE those little “tips and tricks” we get in the mail…

Like today – the Homeprint Assessment via our power company came.  I highly recommend you take advantage of this service (especially if it’s free like in our city).  We had it done this summer and basically an assessor came out, looked around our house, changed ALL our lightbulbs to energy efficient w/o us having to pay for it and handed us a folder stating how we can make our home more energy efficient and where the biggest cost savings would be!  For our home the top priority is insulation (it’s an older home and needs more in the attic space), shortly followed by potentially changing baseboard heaters to forced air.

Did I mention this was free!?!  Actually, with them switching out all our lights… it was like they were paying US to come inform us on how to save energy/money… BIG, BIG FAN of this program!


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