Dog Medication Trick

We have two dogs in our household: Molly (the “smart one”) and Bella (the “tank”).  And when one gets sick our household turns into a 3-ring circus trying to get medication down their throat.  I found the “pill pockets”  were pretty helpful… but I found myself without them today and without the effort to go out and get them.

So, I concocted a homemade pill pocket that worked splendidly if I say so myself 🙂

  1. Spread peanutbutter on some bread.
  2. Place pill(s) on the peanutbutter.
  3. Fold the bread/peanutbutter over itself and the pill(s).
  4. Feed to dog.

It has the bread so the pill won’t get stuck to the roof of your dogs mouth and the peanutbutter to mask the pill taste.  AWESOME dog medication trick!


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