Spectacular Kids ‘N’ Pets

Holy Crap!  Let me share…We have 5 pets.  Yes, f-i-v-e!  And with 5 pets and a toddler you can imagine the messes that our carpets have seen.

That’s why I am SO pumped to share my discovery of Kids ‘N’ Pets.  We’ve tried so many different stain removers (ex. Resolve or SpotShot)- and they have always left a horrible chemical after-smell and sometimes discolored carpet…

I bought some Kids ‘N’ Pets on a recommendation tonight and went after some of the fresh AND older stains that have been chilling in our carpet… MAGIC!  They are gone!  And the smell is nice… not overly chemically thank goodness!

All I have to say is: buy, use and smile 🙂


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