I’m Back! New Category and Goal!

Hey-yo all, I’m back.  I know… I tapered off there for a minute, but I’m back and we’re going to keep this bad boy going…

This morning I was considering that Christmas is coming up, and with Christmas comes additional toys… and with more toys comes… more storage solution issues.

I have ALWAYS wanted to be one of those people with the clean house and a neat and tidy place for everything… but when it comes down to it, money concerns and the fact that we have a constant influx of new toys/gear/stuff for our almost 3 year old is slightly preventative to that goal.  Especially considering that we keep ALL our toys for the prospective new addition we may have some day.

Fortunately for me, my husband has seemingly relinquished the “bonus” room in our house to my greater design authority… and, as a result, I will be turning it into a GIANT playroom!  It’s a converted 2 car garage… giant space!  Which is GREAT since we have spoiled our daughter relentlessly with stuff we always wanted as kids… and the cottage in our living room is kinda a space sucker.  Seriously… we have a house within our house… house inception!

Anyways – with all the toys and a need to keep it all contained somehow – I’m starting a new series… ORGANIZED HOUSE.  Hopefully, ideas listed here can help you brainstorm different ways to stay organized with your own kiddos/home.


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