Financial House Seres #1: 25 Documents You Need Before You Die

Morbid right?  No, not really.  For those of you that have a hard time accepting that at some point (hopefully far-far away) you will run out of energy and you will leave the ones you love (or join them depending on you POV) it IS important to address this issue of what you’ll leave behind at some point.

Something else to consider: loosing you will most likely be a GIANT emotional roller coaster for those you love and leaving them with a mess to try to figure out how you “would have” liked it handled is not the nicest thing…

With that in mind, I find that I get all pumped up to get our financial house in gear and then, get overwhelmed by the enormity of it (wills, financials, what ifs…) and so I creep away from the project; saying to myself… well, I don’t have time now, but I will eventually.

The time has come though to get it all in gear, slowly but surely.  And I thought that while I’m getting my own sh*t in gear I would share the adventure with you-all so we can all learn together 😀

This week, I vow to address “Marriage and Divorce”  and “Life Insurance and Retirement”  – easy sounding but important – and something to get the ball rolling…  We’ll check back next week and see where to go next 🙂


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