Adventures of the Recycled 2-liter

So, my hubby ordered pizza this weekend and with it came a 2 liter Coke.  I decided to use the bottle to begin growing some fresh parsley since I fouled up my attempt this spring putting it outdoors too early.  It was a GREAT project to get our daughter in on since she loves playing in the dirt + her plastic shovel was the perfect size.


Steps we took:

  1. Clean out 2 liter bottle.
  2. Cut bottle in half-ish so the top can flip and fit into the bottom half.
  3. Poke holes in the neck of the top half.
  4. Place a strip of cotton into the cap-less top end packing w/ dirt.
  5. Pack some more dirt in.
  6. Place seeds in.
  7. Cover w/ a little more dirt.
  8. Water.

Excess water should be sitting in the bottom half of the 2 liter and should soak up through the cotton cloth to the dirt when the roots of the seeds need it.

It was an awesome pre-bath/nap activity that took advantage of the sunny day AND it’ll save us money in the long run because we’ll have continuous parsley throughout Fall/Winter and won’t have to buy it from the store!


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