Our Messy House

Ok – So, our house is messy.  I’ve found that I have a two week attention span for practically EVERYTHING and once 2 weeks is up – I drop it – usually incomplete – and pursue another “project” or “hobby”.  It can be a good thing – like a slew of new recipes or a super clean house – but it can also create GIANT messes and waste money.

One time, when I got into scrapbooking – the house was FILLED with papers and decals and all sorts of project stuff.  And, after two weeks, it sat around with no where to go, cluttering up the apartment.  We eventually moved, and the scrapbooking stuff moved with us – never to be touched again.

So, in an effort to streamline life in general – I have committed to blogging all my efforts to CLEAN UP HOUSE.  Inclusive of: blogging all craft project ideas, new recipes and organizational bits.

Thanks for reading!



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